How to start you CBD pain, therapy, cure, experience?

There are different concepts for different needs, what so ever we have to investigate more and more everyday life, is no only read an article about CBD and products and knowing exactly how that will be affecting us for the positive, we want to create a safe and solid way how to start the doses and be responsible with our health situation.
In many products from different company’s there is always the possibility to find suggestions and tips all around the web world.
To start will be important to consider these tips:
The importance of independent third-party lab tests in every product you about try, that means looking into the analytic information provide from a different lab than the producer factory hire to determine the quality of there products.
Getting to know the legal rules for importing into your country is key, it happens some times than the biologics customs have restricted products or, the simple fact than they do not allow Cannabinoids (CBD) products to go free into the different national curriers, so that can save you time and money.
Doses are a very crucial step, even after some time I have to admit I did not feel the effects I was expecting making my CBD OIL. I always have been an extreme sports junkie, from hiking to paragliding, my body has suffered big traumas and my skeleton and joints are considered used and affected, I was also a passionate cook and work for over 25 years in different countries and so on, so after some time I feel completely smash down. I start with 3 drops of CBD RAW oil at 3%, 3 times a day, the first week did not felt any big changes, so I have to put an extra drop to increase results, so what happens? I start to feel a better relive from my lower back deep pain, took me less time to feel better, and then I chose a 10% CBD oil full spectrum, and then I was free from pain. So it is a very personal thing if we go into every single case, so starting from lower to bigger is the most convenient, and depending on the results we want to achieve and the clinical case of the problem to attack.
We can talk hours, days, month about which doses will be perfect for a different pathology of condition, and then again this must be made into a professional level, but the self-knowledge in this is very determined, CBD Cannabinoids will also teach us how to take more care about our self, as a natural source from this planet and universe, we will get to understand than everything is connected, and is a great thing to understand whats going on with our self’s and how we can improve to have a better and longer life.
There is many of the doses calculators in the internet, I haven’t try any of them, will progressive’s do, and try on my self, so will also share the experience in the next up dates.

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