Athletes will come using the CBD in some way in different ways to help their training routines. When consumed as an oil before exercise, this cannabinoid improves performance.

After doing sports you can improve recovery. For all this, this substance can become a supplement among the essential for elite athletes.

CBD as a compound of medical marijuana

CBD or cannabidiol is an element present in some of the various varieties of marijuana. It is one of the more than 545 compounds that are part of the chemistry of Cannabis Sativa, the most widely used type of medical cannabis.

If you have seriously practiced a sport in which your resistance is tested, you will know how hard it is. It affects your muscles, leaving them sore muscles, and also influences your immune system.

Instead, suppose you are a professional athlete, performing as an athlete and constantly changing your body beyond its limits. Training of such intensity always ends up taking its toll.


A situation that becomes even more alarming if you practice contact sports, such as rugby or boxing, for example.

Getting over it is a necessity, but the consumption of any type of drugs is a problem in the professional field. Opioids and steroids are part of the concern.

However, in countries like the US This is the pain reliever included for chronic pain derived from professional sports, while, thanks to the anti-drug fight, doping controls include cannabis.

If it is detected in any type of athlete’s body fluid, it can be considered a reason for sanction.

Athletes face regulatory norms against marijuana in any sport, in all countries, being difficult to foresee a future change of situation.

For example, the National Football League is currently facing the issue, and changes may be suggested soon.

When you play sports, your body produces chemicals naturally, the so-called endorphins. You also generate something known as anandamide, a neurotransmitter that we usually consider the “happiness molecule.”

Anandamide, due to its functions, could be considered as an endocannabinoid, that is, a natural cannabinoid that is produced in your own organism.

This is why cannabinoids, including CBD, adhere to the receptors without problems. When anandamide is attached to a cannabinoid receptor, it initiates a calming effect.

This may be something that does not seem effective in subjects with high levels of anandamide. In contrast, for those who suffer from low levels of anandamide and need additional energy, this substance has effects incomparable to those of other medications.

The CBD interacts with the TRPV-1 receiver. This type of receptors is involved in the perception of pain, inflammation and body temperature.

In addition, it activates the adenosine receptor, a function that is essential for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and blood flow.

Many athletes have discovered the benefit of marijuana with CBD over their exercise rhythms. And later, especially when applied as an oil on the skin, it helps to make recovery faster.

CBD help your body recover and maintain a better homeostasis.

It is a product with very few or no adverse effects. It lacks psychoactive properties, but enjoys many therapeutic-type virtues, making it a powerful ally in the medical field. Therefore, scientific research on the compound has been intense over recent years.

The road to the legalization of CBD in sport

It is true that it is quite simple that some dependence on an opioid is generated, and that there is also a high risk of overdose. In addition, it is common for the consumer to understand the difference between a dose with palliative function and another that could be lethal, and do so before it can be too late to ask for help.

Therefore, and especially in this time of reforms, football players are beginning to unite in order to claim that cannabis be included in the list of substances allowed in the sport.



In this circumstance is the aspect of greatest interest about this new rebellion in the NFL. There are several sports institutions that are currently valuing the influence of cannabis on physical performance.

At the moment it is still prohibited, and athletes continue to undergo all tests for detection.

These controls contemplate much more than the consumption of THC (the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis).

The position in the American league is that, in practice, even when using some kind of oil with CBD on the skin for the treatment of mere muscle strains, a player could be exposed to a penalty for drug use.

In the NFL all this has become a problem for both players and owners of all teams. But there is hope.

In three years the collective agreement will be renegotiated, and there is a forecast that prohibitions on cannabis will be removed from the league from that date.

This could also cause a chain reaction in the regulations of many other sports institutions and organizations. And we will surely see it in all kinds of fields, starting from the very Olympic Games and going through soccer or long distance athletics to cycling.

There is no doubt that this situation is leading to a new revolution. Medical marijuana, with high contents in the CBD compound, is on the eve of entering fully into the sports field, ceasing to be an exclusive medicine for patients and patients.

There is a long way to go, and its acceptance will be progressive, but it will not take long to see how this complement is used in a normalized way in sport.


There is a long list of supposed benefits associated with marijuana, but some say it can also help improve endurance during a workout

Some athletes, such as former NFL linebacker Eben Britton, have been open about the perceived benefits of marijuana to stay fit, but there are still many who are “in the closet” due to the stigma of drug use.

Historically speaking, fitness and marijuana have never been considered the best training partners. In fact, you probably considered them as opposite poles. In one corner, you were aware of health and fitness; in the other, the drug addicts and their monchis.

But as cannabis laws have relaxed (medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states, while recreational marijuana is legal in nine), we see a new class of athletes emerge: the marijuana enthusiast.

“It has become a social movement,” says Jim McAlpine, founder of the pot-friendly 420 Games athletic event series, as well as the San Francisco-based Power Plant Fitness gym, which is co-owner of the former NFL. Ricky Williams runner. “There are so many of us that we are in the closet.”


McAlpine, Williams and their henchmen are part of a new generation of cannabis users, who enjoy a highly fitness lifestyle, even though they smoke pot.

Pro Marijuana athletes tend to brush cannabis for several reasons. “Activate your brain and take you to The Zone,” says McAlpine. “I love smoking before skiing, riding a mountain bike or going surfing. It puts me in a place of less focus, the kind of? Eye of the Tiger ?. It’s not for everyone, but for some people who are more athletic and coordinated, it works. ”


While coordination and concentration may not be the first things that come to mind when you think about the potency of marijuana, McAlpine is not alone in his belief that going on before training can perfect an athlete to be fit. According to former NFL offensive lineman Eben Britton, who has spoken openly about NFL players who use cannabis to control pain, smoking marijuana “connects me mentally and emotionally to my body, allowing me to exercise more satisfying. ”

Smoking cannabis before training helps relax stiff muscles and scar tissue, as well as your mind. “It’s very encouraging mentally. It allows me to get the last two reps,” he told MensHealth.com. “I may be getting tired, but it puts me in a state of flux and allows me to move on.”

If you are skeptical about the benefits of marijuana’s physical condition, you have reason to be. For years, marijuana has been promoted as a treatment for everything from epilepsy to opioid addiction and sleep apnea, so it is not surprising that some athletes swear that it could also help them improve their performance.



That said, there is little evidence to suggest that smoking before a workout can, in fact, increase your earnings. “It has been shown that cannabis is a drug that degrades performance, so for maximum performance you should not use cannabis,” says Jordan Tishler, a doctor and specialist in cannabis therapy trained at Harvard. If you are smoking marijuana before a new or particularly difficult training, it can be downright insecure: according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “the more difficult and unpredictable the task, the more likely it is that marijuana impairs [mental and motor] performance.” .

But this is where the supposed benefits come in, says Tishler: “cannabis has proven to be good for pain control and can be useful while training at standard levels. Like a runner, cannabis can help with resistance “.


The cannabis doctor, Dr. June Chin, agrees. Whenever an athlete is not injured or at risk of injury, She often suggests that She use cannabis “during the training season to help recover, relieve pain and move to the next level. The goal is not to stop with that knee. stubborn or low back pain. They can run the longest distance, be faster and more efficient. They can drive you. ”

The evidence is particularly strong for CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana (for example, it doesn’t make you very? High?) ​​That many athletes claim to improve recovery. After his UFC fight with Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz was bloody and bruised, but relaxed, he sat down for a press conference and launched CBD steam, telling reporters he “helps with the healing process. That unlish a great debate about the uses in sprts and make a radical change in the sports world.




Nowadays I’m training not very much than before but indeed more than what I really spect, having a newborn, learning in a  new country and culture and do not forget about a new language.

So I started taking CBD OIL 3% RAW from, from a company named ENDOCA, in the first experience opening the box and finding the little bottle, in the packaged was not doses suggestions, so I did have no idea how to take it, well, I went into internet and land with my research in a yahoo page and was some guy than want to try CBD OIL for a week, so I check it out and this young dude starts with a very hi doses, like 30ml per day, and I was like really surprised, but I said to my self, no play no game, let’s do that, so I got a full pipet with the oil and took to of them full up, and then climb on my bike and when directly to the gym.

When I got there nothing happens, I feel nothing in special, after in the warming up stage I was, as usual, very rising my cardiac frequency, feeling the anaerobic taking place, nothing relevant to say so far.

So I jump into the other stage of the training routine, that was lifting, pushing and muscle pumping, medium weight to a decently heavy, I use to combine in the recovering time with some abs crunching and then I starting feeling a bit different, my esqueletong felt more elastic, and my capacity increase in a huge abundance, I was so fresh, active and wanting more, the oxygenation was remarkable more effective, so I reach a level than never happen before.

Now we are in process of creating a formula for athletes, I’m working directly with organic hemp producers and a certified CO2 extraction company, based in Europe, where they love to do things right and looking deep in details.

Working directly with different ages and sports disciplines, the results so far are really stunning.

2 doctors are develope the products and the products are working very well in front the, we also have athletes in MMA Fighting and Pro Wrestling also my partner a professional Rock climber how is taking the whole protocol and taste it the field, the reactions and feedback are insane and they are anti-doping tested ..so everyone can use it

Rock climbing


Gym training


Aerobics and anaerobic

So imagine if you can increase your power, endurance and recover faster and more effective than never before?

In the next weeks, we will make more announcements about this unique experience.

Thanks to all, love to all.


Dr. Aref Souki


This publication was written with only one purpose to inform and send our dear visitors one more opinion about the fascinating world of the Canabidiols and their possible alternatives, we must take into account that the information published here is mixed, both from external sources, as well of own authorship for some notes and general points of view.


  1. All along, i have known CBD oil for easing symptoms of many common health issues, including anxiety, depression, acne and heart disease. For those with cancer, it may even provide a natural alternative for pain and symptom relief. Never do i expect that sports athletes are also using the CBD oil to help body recover and maintain a better homeostasis. It’s really something new to me. Good work.

    1. Hi Kimlee2694.

      Me neither, it was really surprising do normally go to training, and I start taking it because I have a low back pain and that was the solution, but I start training for the same reason a bit more consciousness fo the fact than I need to build a strong back and the results were stunning, also for walking, for going to a day trip in the nature, nowadays I have stop and I really feel the difference.

      Thanks for stoping by and give me your inpressions.

      Have a great day!

      1. Hey Aref

        I was never told that CBD is so effishiant for doing sports, so that must be the reason that I have begun to fly on my bike – could be a good idea to warn people of super powers and the dangers that follow


        1. Hello Izak.

          Yes, with that point of you is crucial to let know everybody what’s going on, the good thing about it is that you are free of risk with overdoses, the only risk I think will be to overuse your body aín the new conditions when you feel the effects, so is good point the one you mention, I will go into details very soon, thanks for your lines Izak.

          Best regards.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing article with us and explanation given. I go to the gym for about 7 years. This year 2020 I have proposed to participate in a fitness contest organized in my country for beginners. My doctor and coach recommended me to use CBD oil which will help me a lot in my performance. Due to the intense training with heavy weights, I can say that this CBD helps me a lot, to prevent accidents and to have a very fast recovery. My muscle mass is of high quality now and I can say that I am ready for this contest.
    Thanks again for this wonderful article.

    1. Hello Nimrodngy.

      Sure it will make a diference, tray to make a combination in between CBDA and CBG, if you are going for the pro level need to understand how that will work into your body and what it does, I have another article here about THE ENDOCANABINOID SYSTEM, take a look into it and you will discover a great new information to define a bit better how and when to use it, I will be more than happy to talk to you in the future and give you some samples of my sport combination mix than will make you play like a sport star.



  3. This is an excellent post. I really enjoyed reading it. Let me tell my story: i am a huge tennis fan and a recreational player. Sometimes (usually during summer vacations) I play tennis every day, sometimes twice a day,or – tennis in the morning and strenght training in the afternoon. Having in total 4 hours of training, this looks like a professional tennis player, but there is only one difference: I have no professional assistance after training – they have their massages and ice baths ready and food is chosen carefully.

    The recovery was always an issue for me. I keept asking in sport-supplies shops about it and they keep saying to eat more proteins… that was all.
    I think cannabis is going to be a gamechanger. Of course, it will take some time for people to realize (the idea ob abolishing slavery took years to mature).

    Keep the good work

    1. Hi Alex!

      Wow, you are in the experienced player stage now, is good to read you, let me tell you something, I think you need the magical mix, which is:


      This must be understood as the therapy for the physical activity’s you are developing, adding more care to the recovering stage, because it will depend on the next successful performance, lots of water, and some carbs, the great thing about CBD is that helps to balance easier, faster and more natural than any other therapy, why? Because of the cannabinoids system, take a look in my latest article here at the http://www.onokana.com, I’m in the way to share more stuff very soon, mixed with some really cool alternative and diets for the healthy everyday life, and make your self ready for the next tennis season.

      Thanks so much or your words, and keep in contact.


  4. I must tell you this CBD has really been a blessing to us all as I has improved many aspects of living from sport to health issue to relaxation….as sports man CBD has really really help me in terms of endurance and strength.rhanjs for sharing this awesome article with us it would help a lot

    1. Hello Feji.

      Yes I’m completely agree, I do believe is not all well explore, the endocannabinoid system is very complex, and also to take the best oil is some time challenging, also there are many other types, I have experimented with CBDA which is the raw oil from the plant, it takes more time to be active in the body but is really good, I really recommend it, I hope you can share with me your experience with CBD, and if you have a blog or website let me know about it, I will send you some samples when I get my stuff ready :).

      Wish you a great day.


  5. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article and for sharing some great information with us .I’m a player and CBD oil I’ve been using for a long time because this oil is great for keeping my body fresh and my muscles healthy.Although CBD products are really great.  I also know that athletes use CBD in some ways to help with their training routines .Because the use of this oil increases the efficiency of cannabinoid .Affects the muscles and leaves the injured muscles and also affects immunity .And CBD oil becomes more effective in marijuana blends .There are many harmful aspects of direct use of marijuana that you have described in your article .

    I hope your article will benefit many players like me and they will gain a lot of knowledge and will definitely share new experiences with you in the future.

    1. Hi Shanta.

      Thanks for your comments, yes the results are amazing, the power of it with ut side effects is really a natural game for the body and the CANNABIDIOLS, we are tasting lots of products, and waiting for more results regarding sports, I think by the end of this month will launch my own brand and then take it very narrow in the sports, what kind of sports do you practice? It will my pleasure to follow your results with CBD and my be send you some of my samples sometime soon.

      Have a great day, thanks to you.


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