Wellcome to a new and important article, but please let me tell you a bit about my self

I am a first son, father, husband, with a medical degree based in Phycho-bio-social- preparation profile, where we look into the patient and make a general study of how and where the patient lives, study and work.


I am not trying to medicate anybody but share the knowledge I have gathered by curing my self for a better and longer life, as I see the CBD products are changing lives worldwide.

​I’m not taking any claim to diagnose or cure any disease with CBD oil, is really important to take and understand this point.

​And there is something to look at when we define it is:

Psoriasis and a ….

Psoriasis is a common, chronic, genetic, systemic inflammatory disease that is characterized by symptoms and signs such as elevated itchy plaques of raised red skin covered with thick silvery scales. Psoriasis is usually found on the elbows, knees, and scalp but can often affect the legs, trunk, and nails.

​This is a very exciting subject it is a big topic

​I want to talk about the benefits of CBD OIL for psoriasis and eczema in this article.

​Eczema used to be treated differently because we thought it was an allergy but now after around 5-6 years ago the science found out it is also an autoimmune condition.

The difference:

Psoriasis autoimmune condition causes the proliferation of skin cells, they stack on top of each other, not only does stack and creates scales a lot of inflammation and a real problem.

Eczema is more just inflammation and the itchy but.

When you heard about skin in conventional medicine what will do to resolve this is only a topical solution, and there is the problem, Eczema and Psoriasis is not really a skin problem, that it’s an inside problem expressing itself at the skin level. Literally an internal problem expressing itself on the surface of the skin.

The bigger problem becomes when the conventional pharmaceutics solution are telling you to use medication than suppress your immune system, because that is what is happening to cure your skin problem, does that sound right to you? I was told at school than my immune system is very important regarding my good health, so why I want to suppress that?

How CBD oil helps people?

There is a full treatment possible to accomplish with the CBD oil, how can we do this?

Topically: (CBD cream) Put it on your skin directly on your wounds for eczema and psoriasis, the antiinflammatory properties of CBD will help to calm it down, you can put on directly the CBD oil drop mix with a hemp organic oil on the affected areas also.

Internally: Put in directly CBD oil drops underneath your tongue, it will help to balance you internal inflammatory activity’s in your guts, and that is one of the many golden solutions than CBD does to you, calm, balance, anti-inflammatory job from the deep inside if where all the good bacteria and the immune system response directly when homeostasis is affected.

After looking at 2 different ways to make a more effective treatment, it takes 2 actions to have and achieve good results.

80% of the immune system lives in our gut’s, but also almost all autoimmune conditions have their origins somewhere from the guts as well, so when there is inflammation in the gut, the immune system triggers the fire in the whole immune system, and now the immune system is hyperactive and starts attacking skin cells and that’s how it flares psoriasis and eczema. So CBD oil calms down gut inflammation, and so the chain reaction of the system, which will stop the symptom of itchy, scratchy and relieving you from pain and psychologic misery.

CBD oil makes the gut to become stronger and may help reduce the leaky gut, all that has to be inside the gut will keep remaining inside and will not go in to the blood system and you immune system will be more relax and calm, and if there is already a leaky gut will heal the gut from leaking.

CBD oil has a very positive impact on the microbiota environment.

It is another alternative way of gets natural solutions for this health problem,

As is known and accepted very well today, one of the main functions of CBD is to attach to endogenous cannabinoid receptors in our organisms. After this union, a metabolic cascade of effects is produced, among which there is an anti-inflammatory tissue activity. Thanks to the fact that CBD is a molecule easily absorbed through the skin, and even more so through sublingual application (CBD oils), this molecule has proven to be a potential ally against the typical symptoms of this disease. Among other advantages of using CBD oil is that it does not present any type of toxicity or signs of overdose. Finally, this cannabinoid has antioxidant properties and some protection against UV rays, making the range of benefits of CBD ideal for patients with skin conditions.


Within the cannabinoid research groups, there is a group led by Dr. Mechoulam in Israel, whose government has implemented a National Plan for Medicinal Cannabis a couple of months ago. This ambitious initiative has led not only researchers and doctors, but also the general public, to take a greater interest in these compounds and the great inherent therapeutic potential.

As it is present today, the potential of CBD oil can help in skin conditions such as psoriasis and the reduction of scales/rushes/itching /irritation.

The best products are from organic cultivations, the best way to support the CDB movement is to respect the fact of not THC.


art. The economist

“The doctor was blunt with Hannah Deacon, the mother of an epileptic boy. He told her that she would “never” get a prescription on the National Health Service (nhs) for medicine based on tetrahydrocannabinol (thc), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The British government, too, was unhelpful, maintaining in February 2018 that cannabis had no medical value—a position that it had held for over 50 years, even as the country grew and exported cannabis for medicinal use. Yet within months, it had made a u-turn, accepting that Cannabis sativa had medical uses. Eight months after Ms Deacon made her first public plea for it, her son, Alfie, got thc-based medicine on the nhs.

Legislatures across the planet have been having similar changes of heart. This may presage broader legalisation. History suggests that when medical cannabis is permitted this is often the prelude to broader recreational access.”

(NHS)The National Health Service of the United Kingdom

The secret to the success of this therapy must be from the inside out.

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