I am a first son, father, husband, with a medical degree based in Physcho-bio-social- preparation profile, where we look into the patient and make a general study of how and where the patient lives, study and work. I am not trying to medicate anybody but share the knowledge I have gathered by curing my self for a better and longer life, as I see the CBD products are changing lives worldwide.



After some time I left the allopathy medicine world, and concentrated in holistic medicine and nutrition. I was aware of Cannabidiol, now total fascinated about the results taking place in my self, and taking away a serious pain I have in my lower backbone with CBD oil. I left my current job and move to a different country and culture with my wife and newborn.



I have created this project and web site with the intention of sharing my passion  with CBD, showing my self-experiments, and inspire people how has need for a better health, I’m sure than all this effort will provide ideas, steps, inspirations to let you know than there is always a new possibility, creative, different, fun, natural and more friendly to our goals in this journey call life.

I welcome you, and deeply thank you for bean here, let’s take this to another level and go for a better lifestyle once for all.

All the best.


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